Hi there! Wow, this has been a long time coming. I’ve been blogging on and off for a while now and I’ve finally decided to jump in with both feet! So here goes.. please check out the ‘about’ page for any details about me, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet on here.

My name is Kate, I’m 23 and I’m from a small town in Ontario, Canada. I started my healthy lifestyle journey last summer and I’ve come a long, long way since then. My life has been twisted upside down, inside and out but I’m happy to say that I’ve come up on top and have never been so happy. I’m passionate about many things but my universe tends to center around food, fitness, fun and travel. I’m going to South America for 4 months on November 1st of this year and I cannot wait! I’m also going to be an aunt for the first time within the next few weeks and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! My fitness passions are downhill skiing and more recently running but they extend into a number of other areas. I’m running my first ever half marathon this weekend and I’m so looking forward to reaching a goal I’ve been working towards all year!

Life is about the jouney and I’m so glad I am getting the opportunity to share it with you all. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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